Story Alchemy®

Story Alchemy® is based on the tenet that we are the hero/heroine of our own life. It is founded on the conviction that our truest story is one of self-love. But many of us have quit being the protagonist and fallen into the role of victim or antagonist. Stories are powerful and the ones we tell ourselves are the most important of all. Our old but comfortable narratives can become tales of self-doubt, criticism, and hatred.

Through creative writing, group and partner exercises, visualization and movement, we learn to:

  • End the abusive relationship we have with ourselves and cultivate a healthy self-love affair
  • Access the knowledge, creativity and confidence we need to write our new life story
  • Find clarity and answers to our deepest questions
  • Disconnect from stress, pressure and information overload and reconnect with our values and true nature

Asking “Loving Questions” is a key step to the Story Alchemy® process. It helps us develop one of our brains most powerful tools: the ability to focus. Our focus determines both how we feel and our reality. When we decide how we want to spotlight our lead character in our personal story, we become the alchemist of our own life. Then we can usher our narratives to the next chapter and reclaim our role as the hero/heroine.

Fact or Fiction? The Lies We Tell Ourselves:

Don’t Tell, Ask: How to Turn Self-Judgment into Loving Questions:

How Yoga Can Help You Rewrite Your Story, on the Page and in Your Life:

Yoga and the Arts: Movement, Creativity, and Inspiration:

Upcoming Workshops at the Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY summer 2019, Family Week:

Story Alchemy® Meditation on Water: For thousands of years, early cultures and spiritual traditions have honored the transformative power of nature. Yet, many of us feel disconnected from it. The elements of the physical world are portals through which we can gain access to our life force energy and find creative solutions to habitual patterns and limiting beliefs that form our old, powerless stories. Story Alchemy® offers simple practices designed to train our mind to quiet and focus in nature. These tools help us listen our inner voice and attune to the voice of the environment. Story Alchemy® draws upon the four elements—Earth, Air, Fire and Water—to cultivate a loving connection to the natural world, and rediscover our own true nature. Try this 6-minute meditation on water.

Story Alchemy® Reviews:

“Rachel’s amazing program makes working on a painful past manageable. You don’t need to be a writer to rewrite your story.”

“Thanks Rachel—I’ve tried many different programs over the years and by far, this has helped me the most.”

“I never knew changing my life and working on such difficult issues could also be so much fun!”

“This is a journey you don’t want to miss!”

“Rachel offered a loving presentation that inspired me to share and seek self-discovery.”

“I was blown away that I could achieve such impactful results so quickly working the Story Alchemy process one-on-one over the phone.”

“Wonderful! Rachel has an extraordinary amount of insight and competence in leading Story Alchemy.”

“Story Alchemy program and Rachel—way beyond my expectations, way beyond excellent!”

“I’ve never laughed and cried so much in one weekend. This course was the reset button I needed in my life.”

“Profoundly grateful to Rachel for her energetic encouragement and creative facilitation to actively bring to life a crop of newly planted stories—and to everyone in our blossoming group of alchemists!”

“Thanks for a truly inspiring retreat…it had a profound effect on me and I’m continuing the work at home.”

“The emerging stories remain powerfully intact as I go forward—I am forever grateful to our amazing group of alchemists! Can’t wait for the next journey together!”

“I loved how there is a true plan to take home with me and implement.”

“Thank you, Rachel, for your healing presence! I am so grateful to have participated in such deep and life-shifting work.”

“It really was a magical class. I’ll never forget it!”

Individualized Story Alchemy®—Limited Sessions Available

The Story Alchemy® mission is simple: harness the power of story to change your life. People are shaped by the narratives they tell themselves. If you’re feeling stuck—because of a situation from the past or present, or a fear about the future—you can gain access to the Story Alchemy® process by working one-on-one. I offer a limited number of sessions in a confidential, non-judgmental, safe environment.

We all have 3-5 items on our Soul’s To-Do List that once addressed, offer the most significant personal transformation. Story Alchemy® helps you identify the most essential narratives to work on, rather than getting side-tracked into worry, fear, and overwhelm.

Uncovering your core stories, you get clear on what truly matters and what you desire to manifest. Through guided meditations, writing and creative expression, you learn
strategies to find peace in a volatile world and meaning in difficulties.

I look forward to going on this journey with you,


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