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In 2011, I created The Red Couch, an internet, radio and television talk show featuring women and men who share their personal stories and secrets for living a happy and successful life. The mission of The Red Couch is to inspire people to feel connected and celebrate their unique gifts and power. With a focus on overcoming adversity and striving to live their best lives, guests offer viewers encouragement and a model to not only survive, but also thrive.

The concept for The Red Couch grew out of hundreds of interviews I conducted with women I admired. Some were well-known such as Patricia Arquette, Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen and Dr. Christiane Northrup, while others were my own girlfriends and acquaintances. I was struggling with my relationships and purpose, and realized that others might need encouragement as well. Wanting a venue to share the voices of other women and men, I launched The Red Couch.

Show themes include human and civil rights, arts/entertainment, women’s issues, social justice, as well as positive psychology and personal growth.

“What is your juicy secret to living a happy and successful life?” This is the signature question that I ask at the end of every episode.

What’s your juicy secret?


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Guest reviews

“I was so excited to be invited to The Red Couch! When I sat down, it was like chatting with an old friend. We talked about my story, of course, but there were lots of laughs, and a connection that occurs only when you encounter someone who truly cares and who is truly passionate about making a difference. Rachel is a wonderful host, who quickly becomes a friend with whom you are excited to travel on your journey! Guests are invited to The Red Couch to inspire, and WE are the ones who leave inspired to carry on!”
Haley Scott DeMaria, author of What Though the Odds

“Rachel found her calling. She has the great ability to make people feel comfortable…she is a very good interviewer.”
Shari Hiller of HGTV

“When Rachel enters a room, the whole place lights up! Her energy, passion, heart, and beautiful spirit are radiant, and this precious spirit shines through all her interviews. It was a delight to work with her, and I know The Red Couch will touch many lives with learning, fun, and new hope.”
Barbara Glanz, Motivational Speaker/Author

“Rachel was an absolute pleasure and The Red Couch is a wonderful testament to the strength of women everywhere! I thoroughly enjoyed watching her interviews and being on The Red Couch! What a brilliant idea! Thank you, Rachel!!!”
Brenda Harris, Soprano

“Rachel is smart, perceptive, funny and down to earth. Not to mention adorable. She draws the best out of her guests. Thank you, Rachel, for bringing so much light into the world.”
Suzy Farbman, author of GODSIGNS and Back from Betrayal

Viewer reviews

“I finally found something worth watching on the internet!”

Kathy B.

“If internet talk shows had ratings, I’d give The Red Couch a 5 out of 5 stars!”
Alex G.

“Watching The Red Couch is like having an amazing support group right in my living room!”
Elizabeth H.

“Every once in a while, I meet someone and I say to myself, “I wish I could buy stock in this person’s future.” I remember thinking that about Rachel. Her energy, commitment and curiosity totally won me over. We taught together at Montclair State University. Rachel was the type of professor who changed lives. We need more Rachels!”

Robert Gilbert, Ph.D., Professor of Sports Psychology, Montclair State University, New Jersey

“The Red Couch reminds me that it’s not that people don’t have adversity, but that the way you deal with it is what makes people unique and special.”

–Liz K.

“I’m housebound but having The Red Couch has made me feel more connected and less lonely. I look forward to every new episode.”
Samantha H.

“Rachel always asks the most important questions. She is my role model for gathering meaningful information!”
Robert B.

“Rachel brings great energy into a room the moment she enters. Her warmth, positive attitude, insight and deep compassion are just a few of her compelling traits. She shines on-air in any kind of format. Rachel is a great listener, which makes her a wonderful interviewer. Anyone lucky enough to work with Rachel will benefit from her amazing work ethic and authenticity. It’s a privilege to know her and work with her!”
Laurin Ripley, Project Manager, Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County, Inc

“The Red Couch has done for me what Oprah did–educate me, entertain me and inspire me. I love watching these shows!”
Elsie S.

“I love “meeting” the real people behind the actors, musicians, opera stars, and people in the film industry that Rachel interviews! Sarasota draws an impressive crowd!”
Sharon L.

“With the help of a therapist, I have come to see that I have been an abused woman. I went from one bad relationship to the next. My friend told me about a cool show she had seen–an interview with a woman who had been abused and was now empowered and helping others. Watching that interview made me see myself even more clearly. I didn’t know I’d get hooked on watching The Red Couch. Now, I’m taking some time just for me and I feel better about myself.”
Michelle S.